HGV Consultancy & Training 


With 25 years experience of "Good Vehicles Logistics and Distribution Transport Management" Our renowned consultant can provide one of the best specialist back up service available in the UK.

If you the "Operator" require a positive solution, for when things have gone wrong or if you feel your operation would benefit from a retained service looking in from the outside where we can work alongside the "Transport Management, Operations Logistics and Distribution teams" we have the ideal package that will suit your operation.

We provide positive solutions and advice when required and take care of many of the administrative jobs, including scheduling, keeping drivers hours/working time directive, vehicle/trailer maintenance records plus driving licence checks, including health and age related procedures to keep both you and your employees updated.

We also provide maintenance procedure audits to the standard expected by the Traffic Commissioners and DVSA.

Operators should always remember that one of the most important aspects of being a “Goods Vehicle Operator” is to ensure safety and compliance at all times and this involves keeping your drivers' updated and aware of the rules and regulations. So, it's up to you, the Operator and your nominated Transport Manager, to be alert to this requirement!

Ask any of the Traffic Commissioners and they will inform you ignorance is not an acceptable excuse!

The Traffic Commissioners and DVSA expect every operator in addition to the "Drivers CPC" to provide their drivers with regular training, information and effective instruction on what they must be doing and this must be refreshed and updated on a regular and on going basis.

As an operator do you believe that your operation may need some up to date information and training ?. We can provide a training needs analysis to any operator in the UK.

It is essential that you as the operator have all the latest DVSA publications either as hard copies or downloaded.
 IBPTS provides the following consultancy services, assistance, training workshops and advice in:
Operator Licensing
Operator Compliance Audits
Legislation and Guidance
Vehicle/Fleet Insurance
Drivers Hours (Domestic & EEC)
Tachograph Analysis
Using Digital Tachographs (For Drivers)
Tachograph Regulations
Drivers’ Hours Legislation
Drivers’ CPC
Maintenance Planning
Vehicle inspection exit checks-random or a complete fleet
Maintaining Maintenance Records & OCRS Score
Drivers’ Daily Walk-Round Checks
Drivers’ Defect Reporting
Maintaining Operator Standards
DVSA Inspections
DVSA Site Visits
Public Inquiries (Legal representation by Woodfines Transport Solicitors)
Fuel Management
Job Costing
Customer Service Policies
Health & Safety Risk Assessments
Customer Charters
Conditions of Carriage Policies
Driver Assessments
Driver Handbooks
Driving License Check
Fuel Efficient Driving
Customer Service
Drugs & Alcohol Abuse/Screening
Efficient Driver and Vehicle Scheduling
Operating Abroad
London Low Emission Zone

IBPTS successfully provide operator compliance for 7 HGV operators.

 For further information and to discuss your requirements
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