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Welcome to IBPTS Public Transport Consultancy
The Travel Experts in PSV (Bus and Coach) and Railway Operations  

IBPTS has a combine 40 year experience in PSV (Bus and Coach) and Railway (Passenger and Freight) Operations from the driving seat to operational management.


IBPTS is unique, in that we only provide an innovating beneficial positive transport solutions to our clients in our specialist areas because we only work within our field of “Transport Operations” where all our proficiency is concentrated to produce high quality objective and precise solutions in the “Transport Consultancy” services we provide.


IBPTS delivers a new prospective into solving our clients problems and solutions, through our exceptional relationships within the transport industries at all levels including the DVSA and the office of the traffic commissioner.
IBPTS advise their clients on the best options for their operation, to guarantee a value for money confidential service to provide a solid return on investment. 

IBPTS The Specialist In
External PSV Transport Management 
PSV Operators Licence Application 
PSV Operator Licence Compliance Audits (Roadworthiness and Traffic) 
Local Bus Route Planning, Timetables, Vehicle and Driver Scheduling 
Train Timetable Planning (Passenger and Freight) 
Train Pathing (Passenger and Freight) 
Train Movement Control (Passenger and Freight) 
Train and Train Crew Scheduling (Passenger and Freight)
Rail Replacement Route, Timetable Planning and Scheduling 
Public Transport Operation Reviews (Local Bus and Train Services) 
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